Qualifying Life Event

If you are a new hire or have a Qualifying Life Event, online enrollment for benefits must be completed within 30 days of your date of employment or the date of your Qualifying Life Event.

Making Benefit Changes

Qualifying Life Events

You may only change (add or delete) covered dependents following a Qualifying Life Event (with the exception of Annual Open Enrollment). You are responsible for submitting a Qualifying Life Event request in Kronos and providing appropriate documentation within 30 days regarding each Qualifying Life Event.


Birth or adoption of a child.

Marriage Or Divorce

Marriage, divorce, or dissolution of domestic partnership


Death of spouse, domestic partner, and/or dependents

Loss Of Employment

Termination or commencement of employment of employee’s spouse with health care coverage

Loss Of Eligibility

Taking an unpaid leave of absence greater than thirty days by the employee or spouse; Dependent’s loss of eligibility

Change In Eligibility

Employee or Spouse becomes eligible for Medicare

Loss Of Coverage

Loss of Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage because you are no longer eligible or become eligible for a states’ premium assistance program under Medicaid or CHIP (60 days to request enrollment change)

Change Of Employment

Employees changing status from a part-time to full-time position or a full-time to part-time position are eligible for coverage on the first day of the month following their status change

Other Events

Other events as permitted under IRS Section 125 or other applicable guidelines issued by the Internal Revenue Service

Documentation Required For All Qualifying Life Events

For birth or adoption, coverage will be effective the day of the event as long as applicable documents are submitted within 30 days. For all other events, coverage will be effective the first of the month following the event, provided the change and documentation are submitted within 30 days of the event. Please click here for the list of required documentation for dependents.