How to Enroll

Steps to Enroll

Our benefits package offers you the choice to participate in health care benefits that include medical, dental, and vision coverage. We provide income protection choices – disability, Life and AD&D insurance. You also have the option to enroll in tax-saving benefits, such as the Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Accounts and the 457(b) Savings Plan. In addition, Voluntary benefit programs are available through attractive group rates. Follow the steps below to get started today.

Step One: Getting Started

Login to Kronos

Step Two: Access Your Information

Click on my Information

  • Locate the Benefits icon

Click on the Benefits icon

  • Select Annual Enrollment
  • Select New Hire (if newly hired or re-hired) OR
  • Select the appropriate Qualifying Life Event (i.e., birth, marriage, divorce, loss/gain of coverage)

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

Step Three: Elect Your Benefits & Coverage

Select your plan and level of coverage

  • Note: in some cases, you may need to elect a beneficiary before the system will allow you to proceed

Step Four: Add Dependents

To add a Dependent:

  • Click on Add Dependent
    • Complete the dependent information including the dependent’s Social Security number (SSN). Without a dependent SSN, your dependent enrollment will not be approved.
    • Once you have entered your dependent information, you will need to add the dependent to your benefit. Please review the list of required dependent documents here.

Step Five: Finish Up

Continue to elect or make changes.

  • Continue to elect or make changes to your existing coverages
  • Click Save and Continue for each benefit
  • Once you have completed your elections, click on Submit Changes

Your benefits have now been submitted for approval!

  • Please check your email daily for approval or rejection notices.
  • If you receive a rejection email notice for a benefit, this means your enrollment was not successful. Please follow the instructions carefully.


Need help with your elections, or have questions?

  • Contact your HR Benefits representative at 602-344-5627 or via email at

Employee Eligibility

Full-time and part-time employees scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week and Residents are eligible for coverage. For benefit plan purposes, a benefit eligible employee is defined as a full-time employee working 30-40 hours per week or a part-time employee working 20-29 hours per week.

Residents are not eligible for Long-Term Disability or Retirement (ASRS, PTO and EIB).

Eligibility by Employee Classification
Benefit Full-TimeFull-Time (40-30 hours) Part-Time (29-20 hours)Residents
Medical PlansYesYesYes
Dental PlansYesYesYes
Vision PlanYesYesYes
Flexible Spending AccountsYesYesYes
Basic Life/AD&DYesYesYes
Optional Life/AD&DYesYesYes
Voluntary Short-Term DisabilityYesYesRefer to Contract or Academic Affairs
Accident InsuranceYesYesYes
Critical Illness InsuranceYesYesYes
Employee Assistance ProgramYesYesYes
Long-Term DisabilityYesYesNot Eligible
Retirement – ASRSYesYesNot Eligible
Deferred Compensation - 457(b)YesYesYes
Supplemental Retirement - 401(a)Yes, age restriction of 40 and older. Irrevocable election.
Vitality Wellness ProgramYesYesYes
PTO and EIBYesYesNo
Valleywise Health Employee AdvantageYesYesYes

Eligible Dependents

Spouse or Domestic Partner

Legal spouse or same or opposite sex domestic partner.

Child(ren) under 26

Benefits terminate on the last day of the month of the child’s 26th birthday.

Disabled Child(ren)

Any child age 26 and older who resides with you, was medically certified as disabled prior to his/her 26th birthday and is dependent upon your support.

Dependent Verification

MIHS requires appropriate documentation to prove dependent relationships prior to the close of any enrollment period. This includes documentation such as a marriage license, birth certificate or divorce decree. All required documentation must be received by HR prior to the end of your 30-day enrollment period.

Dependent Verification Documentation Requirements
• Send only copies. Documentation submitted will not be returned.
• If a document is two-sided or multiple pages, ensure you copy both sides and all pages of the document.
• If a document is not in English, you may be requested to supply an official English translation of the document and a copy of the original document.
Eligibility RequirementsAcceptable Supporting Documentation
Submit two documents - submit one document from Proof A and one document from Proof B
SpouseProof AProof B
Legal Spouse• Valid legal or religious marriage certificate, which must include:Documents must be dated in the last 12 months and show name of employee and spouse as joint owners:
• Name of the employee and spouse• Utility bill
• Date of marriage• Federal or state income tax return indicating married
• Certifier’s signature/official seal• Document from bank account or financial institution
• Legal household/family registry, must show spousal relationship (This is only acceptable if you were married outside the U.S. and do not have a marriage certificate.)• Insurance document such as homeowner, renter, or automobile
(Employees married within the last 12 months do not need to provide Proof B.)• Mortgage document or current lease
• Valid vehicle registration
Eligibility RequirementsAcceptable Supporting Documentation
Submit two documents from Proof C and Affidavit*
Domestic Partner

Same or opposite sex domestic partner
Proof C
Documents must be dated in the last 12 months and show name of employee and domestic partner as joint owners:• Your Federal 1040 or State income tax return, of which must be from the most recent tax year, name employee as person filing, and name of domestic partner listed as dependent with relationship of “Other” (Only the page listing filing status and exemptions is required-see sample. E-Files are not accepted)
• Utility bill
• Document from bank account or financial institutionDownload Domestic Partner Rate Sheet
Download Domestic Partner Affidavit
Download Tax Status Declaration
• Insurance document such as homeowner, renter or automobile
• Mortgage document or current lease
• Valid vehicle registration
Eligibility RequirementsAcceptable Supporting Documentation
For child up to age 26 submit one document - Submit a copy of one document from Proof E
Children up to age 26

Eligible children include a natural child, legally adopted children, a stepchild; child of a domestic partner (employee must be covering domestic partner); or any other child for whom you have legal guardianship or court-ordered custody.
Proof E
• A Federal or State income tax return from most recent tax year that list your dependent with the relationship as your daughter, son, or child• Final divorce decree, parental custody agreement or Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO), which must contain the name of the employee or spouse indicating parentage of the child, contain the name of the child, official signature or stamp indicating document has been filed
These children are eligible regardless of tax dependency, marital or student status.• Child’s legal or hospital birth certificate or affidavit of parentage, which must contain the first and last name of employee or spouse*, contain the name of the child, and indicate date of birth• Legal adoption, guardianship or legal custody papers, which must contain the name of the employee or spouse, contain the name of the child, official signature or stamp indicating document has been filed
• Legal household/family registry, must show relationship
(This is only acceptable if the child was born outside the U.S. and you have no legal birth certificate.)
*Also required to prove the relationship between you and your stepchild: If you are an employee providing documentation for a child of your legal spouse, HR must receive the required proofs listed for Spouse (Proof A and B), even if you do not currently cover your spouse.

Disabled Dependents

Dependent Children Over 26

If you have a dependent child enrolled in a plan who is under the age of 26 and totally disabled, either mentally or physically, that child’s health coverage may continue past the age of 26 if UMR certifies the child as totally disabled. Benefits will automatically end at the end of the month that the dependent turns 26 if the dependent has not been certified as totally disabled.

Notifying UMR of Disabled Dependents

It is your responsibility to notify UMR that your dependent is disabled and provide UMR all requested initial documentation either prior to the dependent turning 26 or within 30 calendar days after the day coverage for the dependent would normally end as a result of turning 26. UMR may ask for additional documentation for proof of being totally disabled in accordance with the plan guidelines. Failure to submit requested documentation within the allotted timeframe may result in loss of coverage for the dependent.

UMR Certified Dependents

If UMR certifies the dependent as totally disabled after coverage has ended, the coverage will be restored to the first day coverage ended. Once a disabled dependent over the age of 26 has been voluntarily or involuntarily removed from a MIHS plan, they cannot be added back onto a plan under any circumstance.

Making Benefit Changes

Qualifying Life Events

You may only change (add or delete) covered dependents following a Qualifying Life Event (with the exception of Annual Enrollment). You are responsible for submitting a Qualifying Life Event request in Kronos and providing appropriate documentation within 30 days regarding each Qualifying Life Event.


Birth or adoption of a child.

Marriage or Divorce

Marriage, divorce, or dissolution of domestic partnership


Death of spouse, domestic partner, and/or dependents

Loss of Employement

Termination or commencement of employment of employee’s spouse with health care coverage

Loss of Eligibility

Taking an unpaid leave of absence greater than thirty days by the employee or spouse; Dependent’s loss of eligibility

Change in Eligibility

Employee or Spouse becomes eligible for Medicare

Loss of Coverage

Loss of Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage because you are no longer eligible or become eligible for a states’ premium assistance program under Medicaid or CHIP (60 days to request enrollment change)

Change of Employment

Employees changing status from a part-time to full-time position or a full-time to part-time position are eligible for coverage on the first day of the month following their status change

Other Events

Other events as permitted under IRS Section 125 or other applicable guidelines issued by the Internal Revenue Service

Online enrollment for full-time and part-time benefit eligible employees must be completed within 30 days from the date of employment or date of status change to a benefit eligible position.

Once the online enrollment has ended, no changes are allowed. The next opportunity to elect benefit coverage is during the next Annual Enrollment period, or during a Qualifying Event.

Documentation is Required for All Qualifying Life Events

For birth or adoption, coverage will be effective the day of the event as long as applicable documents are submitted within 30 days. For all other events, coverage will be effective the first of the month following the event, provided the change and documentation are submitted within 30 days of the event.

When Coverage Ends

Benefits terminate on the last day of the month based on the last day worked, providing your premiums are current or can be collected through payroll deduction. Some benefits terminate on your last day of employment (e.g., Life, Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts).

If your coverage ends, you have the opportunity to continue medical, dental, and vision with COBRA coverage. COBRA forms are mailed from Discovery Benefits within two to three weeks after your coverage ends.

Unless otherwise stated, you and your dependent(s) benefits coverage ends on the earliest of the following dates:

The last day of the month in which you were employed

The last day of the month in which you or your dependent(s) no longer meet eligibility requirements