Share The Ride

The goal of this program is to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by reducing drive-alone trips and miles to the work site.

About The Program

To help improve air quality, any vehicle you own or operate in Arizona must participate in the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program. You can read the Emissions notice here.

If you carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, take the light rail, bike, walk, telecommute or work a compressed workweek (3 days or less per week), you are participating in the Maricopa County Share the Ride. The program includes the following components:

Carpool Program

Carpooling is sharing the ride with one or more passengers, and allows you to save time by using HOV lanes. Carpoolers also save gas money and vehicle wear, reduce their stress, and are entered to win quarterly Valleywise Health sponsored contests.

Bus Card Subsidy Program

You may purchase a Valley Metro Platinum Pass for use on local bus/light rail and Express/RAPID bus routes with Valleywise Health paying up to 95% of the cost of the card.  If you ride the bus or use the light rail to commute to and from work, you are eligible to participate in the Bus Card Subsidy Program.  Regular Full-Time employees and Residents pay $5 per pay period; and Part-time and Per Diem employees pay $10 per pay period.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

All employees who use an alternative mode of transportation (e.g. Bus, Light Rail, Carpool) and are currently enrolled in the Valleywise Health Employee Carpool or Bus Card program are eligible to utilize the Valleywise Health Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home Program Policy (#69753S); this guarantees an employee a ride home in the event of an unforeseen emergency while at work. If you need to arrange for a Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home, please contact Human Resources at 602-344-5627 or Security Services at 602-344-5000.

Compressed Work Schedules

A compressed work schedule shortens the standard five day work week into fewer days while you still work the same amount of hours you would have in a standard five-day work week schedule.  For example, a compressed work week schedule could be working four 10-hour days or three 12-hour days.

Biking Or Walking

As a healthy option, you may choose to bike or walk to work. Valleywise Health provides access to several bike racks on campus, and there also are employee showers available in the CHC to clean up before work.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Parking

Valleywise Health has designated parking spots for electric vehicles on the main campus.

In addition, Share The Ride is a ride matching system that allows you to quickly and securely find a carpool, vanpool, transit, bike, or walk option. You are matched based on proximity, destination and travel route, as well as schedules and preferences.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Human Resources at 602-344-5627.